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One email could change your life.

Discover how to write emails that pay your bills and make space to receive job offers in your inbox. ✨

Email Excellence is an annually recurring class that teaches celebrity branding, modern business, timeless marketing, and classy networking.


"This is about finding humanity in the techonology."



Why Email Excellence?

This class goes beyond tech… it’s about effective communications and overall digital wellness. Our mission is to teach the artist how to become a healthy CEO.

Inside this annual 4-week program:

  • Make yourself look as fancy and global as Beyoncé!
  • Stand out and get 50x more website traffic.
  • Clear the clutter and forever take control of your inbox!
  • Avoid tech overwhelm and the #1 mistake of iPhone users.
  • Keep laptop running longer and faster.
  • Use email to grow and insure your social following!

Here's What You'll Get...

Concise Lessons + Workbook

The short videos are step-by-step and easy to follow. They're followed with helpful WERQsheets, bulleted action steps, and additional resources.

LIVE Zoom Calls + Artist Community

With 8 guest teachers, LIVE weekly calls, and daily conversations via course comments and our private community—easily get your questions answered!

Lifetime Access + 24/7 Accessibility

Get an improved course with NEW bonuses and updates every single year! With recorded training and replays of LIVE events, work at your own speed: pause, rewind, and return as needed. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly offer full refunds up to 7 days after purchase. Test drive the program 100% risk-free. You have nothing to lose... and so much to gain!

Here's what you can create...

"I've sold 110 tickets!!! My goal was 100—and hopefully more will buy at the door!! Your support and partnership has meant so much to me and really helped me to accomplish this big goal! Here’s to all the big dreams!"

Heather Ivy
International Singer, Naples, FL

"I had pretty basic knowledge of email, but didn't have anything under one umbrella. I did everything myself for the last 10 years, so I was nervous giving up control! But Tony was clear about his vision for me. He also knew the tools to help me, and my past history from an outside perspective. Tony offers clear goals, as well as outcomes with efficiency and timelines! I now only have ONE inbox for everything. Coaching request forms are more efficient, and I learned how to customize template responses on emails and how to keep my brand and messaging consistent."

Natalie Weiss
Artist + Entreprenuer, New York, NY

"When Tony developed classes for his Changemaker Community, he had the insight to recognize that the digital world would be in constant flux. He realized that the most valuable perk he could offer the course enrollees is continuing education by allowing all alums to repeat the course every year. I’m blown away by the care, support, knowledge, and enthusiasm that Tony Howell brought to all aspects Email Excellence. It is an excellent course, filled with so much amazing content and surprises! Tony is very knowledgeable and patient with people like me who are not tech savvy, and the lessons themselves were just long enough to absorb and not have mental fatigue. Tony always brings industry professionals to the forefront, and I’m constantly learn something new. Also, my email signature that Tony help me create the first time I took the course, is still working its magic. People are going to my website and asking to be on my email list. What seemed to be a small addition is creating big returns."

Jenny Lynn Stewart
Singer, New York, NY

"I always felt like I didn't have anyone to talk to who understood or questioned the best way to run a business as an artist and that there wasn’t a ton of detailed info out there for artists specifically. Tony is fantastic at what he does and meets you where you’re at personally. He genuinely cares about each person he works with and will help you through every step of the course (whether you're a tech guru or someone who’s beginning their journey with tech). You will truly have a fundamental setup for email and marketing through this course and be able to track which branding and personal strategies work and which don’t. Now, I’m able to detach and not feel as though I'm glued to my phone… I finally understand digital wellness! I’ve really enjoyed working with Tony and can’t wait to see what's in store for the next year of Email Excellence! Take. The. Class! You will NOT regret it. "

Patrick Garr
Artist + Educator, New York, NY

"I loved the subject matter—this was a true issue in my life and there are no classes out there like this. I’ve created email-free pockets in my day! I like that I can still continue to access the material in my own time. This class is worth every penny!"

Marguerite Stimpson
Actor, New York, NY

"It's hard to believe 9 months have gone by since I was first exposed to Email Excellence. I feel compelled to reflect on my progress and express IMMENSE gratitude for the growth that has taken place under your guidance. Since last August, I have deleted Google Voice (wasn’t using the service), deleted a Gmail account I wasn’t using, started using Boomerang and UnrollMe to reduce inbox anxiety, transferred my domains from GoDaddy to Google, experimented with Shift and learned I like toggling between Chrome and Safari for Educator vs. Freelance Artist life. Perhaps the biggest ‘aha’ came from cleaning my Mailchimp contacts. This digital purge allowed me to take ownership of my analytics in a way I never prioritized before. What’s super fascinating is by doing the inactive subscriber outreach (i.e. ‘Hey There! I noticed you haven’t opened this in a while. Do you still want to be here?’), I heard from an old friend who said, ‘Yes, please keep me on your list.’ Nikki and I reconnected and she invited me for a free consultation of Balinese energy work. I really didn't know I needed this but as a result of this simple outreach, I gained so much more than prime real estate on my contacts list. Nikki has helped me so much and I am certain we wouldn’t have reconnected if it wasn’t for the digital cleanup. Tony, you are turning me into the CEO I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you for helping me become the healthiest version of myself personally, spiritually, and professionally. I’m so grateful for you."

Mara Jill Herman
Artist + CEO, New York, NY

Get a Sneak Peek

This annual class now includes a FREE one-on-one orientation call, LIVE weekly mentorship calls, step-by-step video training, a course workbook, daily community, and more!

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Four Week Curriculum → Repeats Annually

Each year, we'll provide you with the structure, focus, and clarity you'll need. Stay current with the latest apps, tech trainings, and bonuses!

VIP Industry Panel

Hear from producers, creatives, and talent reps on exactly what emails work. Discover secrets to subject lines, timing, and how to follow up.

Kate Lumpkin, CSA

Founder of Kate Lumpkin Casting and No Marking Society. Private Coach and Head of Education for The Broadway Collective.  Pretty much your fairy godmother! 

Rashad V. Chambers, Esquire

Founder and President of Esquire Entertainment. Award-winning Producer, Talent Manager, and Lawyer. Seriously stylish, too.

Victor Vazquez, CSA

Victor is the Founder of X Casting NYC. He holds a Master’s with distinction from the University of Oxford. Proud son of Mexican immigrants!

Stafford Arima, AD

International, award-winning theatre director. Artistic Director of Theatre Calgary in Canada. Artistic Advisor for Broadway Dreams, Adjunct Professor, and proud union member!

Connection Cocktail Hour

Utilize your new insights and email set up to start creating valuable career connections! Carly Valancy will teach you the best ways to reach out and get results. I'll drink to that! 🥂

Carly Valancy, Founder

Founder of Reach Out Party, Director of Community at NuMarket, Host of Simple Ideas Taken Seriously. Artist on a mission to help you reach out, contribute, and make an impact!

Demystifying Marketing

Discover super simple ways to use some advanced tools. Certified MailChimp, Squarespace, and Wix expert, Sequoia Mulgrave will introduce you to more advanced email marketing and thinking of audience journeys and sales FUNnels! 🤓

Sequoia Mulgrave, CEO 

Founder of DailyMode Studio. Powerhouse digital marketer for 100+ small businesses and solopreneurs. Media design guru for EssencePeople, and InStyle. Founder of E-School. Super mom!

Weekly LIVE Mentorship Calls

We'll "zoom in" on any tech minutiae as well as "zoom out" to the big picture strategy! This group is an incredible community of diverse artists working together to grow and make a change.

Daily Team + Community Support

Follow along with our class workbook, get feedback in our private Facebook Community! We've also made a Tech Dictionary, Resource Rolodex, and FAQ for reference!

Exclusive Member Discounts

Save on new photos, editing your reel, website design, business coaching, voice lessons, and more.
We want to support you beyond the course in your craft and career throughout the year!

Four Graduation Masterclasses

Keep your content fresh AF with my favorite creators sharing PRO tips on:
⌨️ Copywriting ∙ 📸 Photography ∙ 🎬 Filmmaking ∙ 🎙 Podcasting
You'll also find exclusive resource lists and student discounts. 🐛🍎🎓

Why Me?

Tony Howell, Creator of Email Excellence

Since founding my own company in 2013, my clients include Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning artists. My work has been featured by Google, Squarespace, SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity, and more.

This isn't just a class about email. I'm committed to helping you build your brand and business—setting you up for long-term, sustainable career success. I'd be honored to have you inside this program and work with you to create results more than 10x your investment.



Based on 65+ FacebookLinkedIn, and Google reviews.

Make a Change,
Make a Difference!

Since 2018, a percentage of our course profits have supported Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. Thus far, we've helped raise $8091.60. Thank you, Changemakers!

For this year's Email Excellence, we want to focus on the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. By joining this year's program, you'll help this tireless group unite artists, legal experts, and community leaders to have a lasting impact on policy issues, including criminal justice reform, education equity, and immigration.


"The Tony Howell Method is nothing less than a miracle that’s been waiting to happen for us all for a long, long time. As a husband-father-teacher-performer-director-choreographer and Tony-nominated Broadway veteran, the most miraculous thing of all is that Tony discovered this brilliant method by being open and by challenging himself to go deep into his own artist consciousness. The Tony Howell Method happened because he began asking himself very specific questions relating to who he is and why he wants to do this work. Let Tony take you down your very own yellow brick road so that your ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ becomes a real place where you can create your very own method of artistry."

Lara Teeter
Head of Musical Theatre, Webster University, MO

"Before taking Email Excellence, I felt out of control in my handle on my business. This course will bring you a level of confidence and mental organization that you didn't think was possible when thinking of your email. As a result of what I learned, I’ve had 20 people sign up for updates on my website!"

Jessica Lorion
Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

"I've always preferred email to trying to communicate with social media. I've been using email for a (very) long time, I like to write, and I enjoy trying to craft a personal message. I'm figuring out MailChimp. After the panel, I wrote thank you emails and got 2 immediate answers, one within 3 minutes, one within a few hours. That was very encouraging. It means to me that industry people have responded to the kind of email I send, and that my inner life is coming through my words without having to "push it". This year, the panel and the "party" were great with other people in the business providing solid, actionable advice."

Tony Lopresti
Artist + Educator, New York, NY

"I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Tony's services! I hired him about three years ago to redo my entire website and take on the task of rebranding my company, JJ Ignotz Photography and since then my business has grown exponentially. His dedication and detail to my needs were impeccable. He is creative, thorough, and incredibly inspiring! Listen to everything he has to say...I cannot stress this enough - he knows what he's talking about!"

JJ Ignotz
Photographer, New York, NY

"I knew my inbox was messy and that I didn't really know how to optimize it. I was sick of losing emails! The private Facebook community was great and I felt very taken care of inside. I also LOVED how it was a 4-week course. The lessons were short and digestible. Email Excellence is 100% worth it and the community Tony attracts is so much fun!"

Emma Terrazas
Actor + Health Coach, Chicago, IL

"I wasn't sure if I could prioritize an email class as that big of a part of my budget. Boy was I wrong! This course really demystified the "reach out". Hearing directly from reps, casting directors, and creatives, and making the connection that they’re just fellow humans, striving to get out from under their inbox takes off a lot of pressure. The idea of having simple, casual conversation rather than having to plot out a huge design-heavy newsletter is a breath of fresh air and seems so much more achievable now. I had no idea the level of support you guys give to your clients. I mean, a personalized response (and Loom video) within 12 hours? That's incredible. I honestly don't know how you guys do it. JUMP IN! You won't be sorry! This class empowers you with tech savvy, while helping you to cultivate a HEALTHIER relationship with your inbox. 5 out of 5 would recommend!"

Sarah Armstrong Brown
Artist, New York, NY

Questions? Answered!

Email Excellence is designed specifically for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Though the principles apply to anyone with an email address, we have actors, writers, composers, choreographers, and more in the program. Most of our community is in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Any “aspiring” artists or entrepreneurs. If you’re not ready to give yourself credit, chances are you still have work to do on what you offer the market! I’d rather you invest your resources (time, money, and energy) into fine-tuning your strengths or unique gifts. When you know what you have to offer (your unique value and contributions), THEN let’s work together on the packaging, positioning, marketing, and selling of that gift.

What artist or creative entrepreneur isn’t juggling multiple things? The beauty is that this class is online, so whenever you have 15 minutes with your computer or smart phone, you can take a moment and continue building your website in bite size pieces. Schedule in 15-30 minutes a day ahead of time so you don’t find yourself with days where there is an hour of work to be done. If you are committed to this investment in your career we know you can find at least 15 minutes a day for the duration of this course.

Newsflash: technology isn’t going away and we need to learn to not only live with it, but work with it. Truth is, we all have a little impostor complex when it comes to technology! My team and I are all self-taught digital geeks. We'll lovingly and kindly guide you through whatever you need to know or do. Don’t be afraid. We have your back! Our goal is to make this process as Simple, Easy and FUN as it can be!

I'm proud of you! Still... there's always more to learn. Don't make the mistake of thinking you know everything. Take the beginner's approach or a growth mindset. In addition to some graceful tactics (how to get VIP influencers to say "yes" and when/how to say "no"), I'll also optimize the frame around your messages: the email address, signature, send time and response time. C'mon! Join me!!! 

I'm going to encourage you to reconsider. As you learned in the complimentary class and will learn more about in the program, an email list is the biggest insurance policy to your online presence and offline business. It doesn't mean you have to send out cheesy newsletters or even any messages right away, you'll just learn the strategy and set up to start collecting a list of people interested in hearing more from you!

Most people have more than one email. How you manage your accounts is personal. That said, I want to help you look at the WHY and HOW... not just the WHAT. My goal would be to help you set up ONE email address for your career and business. We can get fancy with "aliases" so that it looks like your empire is larger than the ONE inbox it is... such as [email protected].

Through 30 days of interactive learning, you’ll learn how to write emails that pay your bills! This is an annually recurring program (which means you'll always have my latest training 24/7).

This includes effective day-to-day communication, networking or outreach emails to VIPs, as well as classy and personal email marketing to a growing list of people interested in hearing from you!

Spelled out more clearly...

  • 3 easy-to-understand classes (so you won't be overwhelmed)
  • 8 step-by-step video training lessons + 6 step-by-step WERQsheets (to implement the trainings)
  • LIVE mentorship calls + private Facebook community

...and a growing library of bonuses, including how to set up [email protected], merge or change email addresses, create an email signature, and more.

Absolutely! I'm with you every step of the way. I've designed the program so that you can do it on your own—even if you're not the most tech savvy. I also stay active in the comments daily, have weekly group mentorship calls, an exclusive and supportive Facebook community, and have some special bonuses planned! Rest assured you will be fully supported. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

This course comes with a no questions asked 7-day money back guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose... it's 100% risk-free. If you purchase the program and decide it’s not for you, I’d rather refund you! That said... I've never had anyone ask for a refund. It's good stuff! 

Our past students rave about this class: that it covers more breadth and depth than they imagined. They set up a professional email account, email signature, better manage their emails, and know how to reach out: whether 1:1 to 1:many. To us, that is worth it!

Check out success stories from our online classes and more here.

The reality is that I've spent thousands of dollars and years of my life developing this method. I had to. It is my livelihood and life's work. In any business, you have to stay on top of your game—the learners are the earners! You have to keep learning. 

I ask you how much the results are worth? How valuable is clarity, confidence, and 100% control? If the investment is too much for you right now, please apply to our scholarship programs. 

Email Excellence provides consultations from 10 experts! You'll have access to me and opportunities for 1:1 feedback.

We'd love to support an artist, business, or cause focused on making a difference. That said, we'll do what we can to support anyone in financial need.

To be eligible for a scholarship, make a public post on social media sharing your purpose, reason, intention or WHY: the change you're seeking to make. 

Be sure to mention that you're hopeful for a scholarship to the Email Excellence, tagging Tony Howell in the caption (link to @tonyhowell or mentioning

Email [email protected] with a link to this post by 9 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 14th, 2021. Scholarships will be announced on Sunday, May 16th by 11 a.m. EDT. 

2021 Scholarship Winner

Caitlin Diana Doyle

Partial Scholarships:
Courtney Young
Matthew Borchers

"Communication is key in doing business and connecting with people. In today's society, we rely on technology for reaching out, so crafting and organizing our emails is essential. There were tools that I hadn't been using and am now inspired by. Email Excellence is the perfect course to learn how to organize your inbox and learn to connect to your audience to build your brand."

Isabella Tugman
Actor, Singer + Producer, Austin, TX

"I was looking to increase my client base for coaching practice, but was struggling with multiple addresses/platforms, using my inbox as storage, having no mailing list curation, and picking just one workflow. I've now set up the infrastructure for inbox zero practices and unified all my exposure points (website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) under one branded email protocol. At this price point, definitely do this. I've already mentioned it to several fellow audition coaches and voice teachers!"

Christopher Gurr
Actor + Coach, New York, NY

"I wanted to learn something new and see what tidbits I could pick up. I'm not the best at email: not really knowing how to organize it. I loved learning about Gmail's version of folders (and additional filter tips), plus GSuite and it's benefits. Also re-energizing: starting my eNote back up! This is a nice quick-and-easy course to take. Be open to learning as you never know what to expect that's new for you!"

Andrew Mondia
Actor, Writer + Facilitator, Toronto, CA

"I felt like my email was overwhelming, disorganized, and unprofessional. I just felt overwhelmed by the volume of emails in my inbox. I didn't archive, everything was just together, and I was always nervous to lose something important. Now I have clarity for those important emails. Tony's personality gives ease when he explains ideas or procedures that could feel really daunting or overwhelming. He makes the things that are bothersome, or overwhelming, feel easy and seamless. All of Tony's programs attract the most positive and driven people, but it is so low pressure in actuality. My inbox is night and day. I was an email hoarder. Now, I'm an email minimalist! "

Alida Michal
Actor, Writer, and Producer, New York, NY

"I already had a lot of information from when Tony set up my website, so I wondered if there would be enough new content to justify the investment. There absolutely was! Tony is a great teacher and makes all of this fun!"

Kristin Roach
Grammy-nominated Conductor, San Antonio, TX

"Before I took Email Excellence, email for me was a rollercoaster ride of focus and overwhelm! I was juggling many plates and deadlines, but the lifetime access is perfect for me! I was hesitant because I’m a "beginner" and knew I would need more time to digest all the info. However, all my interactions with Tony are FAB! He is clear, patient, positive, and supportive!"

Maureen Taylor
Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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Bring joy to your inbox. From creating a branded account to tracking analytics on campaigns, this is the entire email method I've used with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning clients.


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